Top 3 Shower Trends of 2018

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For many home owners the bathroom has become a relaxing place of sanctuary. It is not just a place to wash off anymore but has become a personal spa to get away and relax. When building a bathroom you want it to accommodate your personality to where it can become a place where you can be yourself.

If you are planning to build a new bathroom or just looking to renovate, the following list will show you the hottest trends in 2018 to get your creativity flowing.

1) The Bathroom is Getting Smaller

For many homeowners the dream bathroom is to be large and luxurious featuring enormous double baths with his and her cabinets and expensive marble flooring. However, in recent times many have discovered that a small bathroom works just as well. The 2018 trend of a smaller bathroom focuses on efficiency and small scale luxury.

The secret to a smaller bathrooms feel comfortable and not cramped is the use of real estate.In a small bathroom every inch must be put to good use. Freestanding single person tubs are starting to become more popular. Smaller but more creative looking toilets and uniquely styled sink bowls are also starting to have a presence in smaller bathrooms.

2) Vanity Lighting

The vanity area of a bathroom usually consists of a cabinet, countertop, faucet and hardware. We usually think of the lighting and mirrors as secondary pieces to the vanity. However, these two items have become just as important to the function of the bathroom. Lighting used strategically can make a world of a difference in a bathroom to not only make the bathroom shine brightly, but you as well.

In 2018 homeowners are using creative lighting fixtures to highlight functional space and create a luxurious and relaxing feeling. There are plenty of lighting fixtures to use for your vanity area. These options include light bars, wall sconces and small wall pendants. In larger bathrooms it has become common to see full chandelier fixtures near the whirlpool tub or centered in the space for glamour.

3) Unique Tile Shapes

Technology has allowed designers to create tiles of different color and material, but now they are going beyond the basic ideas and are making the basic tile shape more interesting.

No longer are homeowners content with the subway tile or a large format tile on the wall. There are now lots of shapes to choose from including new and improved shapes such as hexagons, arabesque, diamond, Moroccan fish scales or chevron patterns in new colors and textures.

If you are looking for a safe yet innovative way to improve your bathroom in 2018, this is one of the best trends to try out.