Remodel Your Shower Any Way You Want with Fashion Glass & Mirror Fort Worth, TX 

At Fashion Glass and Mirror we offer many great options for custom mirrors and glass for those Forth Worth, TX and the surrounding area. If you need a manufacturer that offers both commercial and residential options, then you should consider us your new supplier.  While we handle showers and baths, we also offer framed or etched mirrors, leaded and stained glass, antique options, frame molds, table tops and sliding doors, among others.

Options for Your Showers 

Many people prefer the look and stlye of frameless shower enclosures or etched shower doors, so no matter what you need, Fashion Glass can help.  Frameless showers are complete glass from top to bottom with no framing at the top, bottom or in between panels.  Frameless options offer:
  • Clean lines
  • Fresh, clean look
  • Modern feel
  • Beauty
  • Creativity
  • Fun Experience


While our gallery shows a lot of work we have previously done, you are completely free to think up your own design and express it to us in your own words or drawings. Our experience and knowlede will help us understaind your needs, design and make your idea come to life.

What We Offer 

While we offer a lof of glass options with doors, panels and windows, we also offer beautiful mirrors, both with and without frames.  We will make any home or business loook beautiful and can stay within almost any budget so that your ideas for your spaces can come true.

Whether you want a beautiful mirror placed in a bare area or want to showcase the open air and light of your Forth Worth TX space by placing large mirrors throughout, we will help with the design and creation.  Schedule an appointment today.