Residential and Commercial Glass Supplier in Austin, TX

When you need something created using glass or mirrors, you should visit Fashion Glass and Mirror as we can handle almost anything that our customers desire. Home can benefit from having hand-made glass tabletops that are crystal clear and brilliant, or may prefer to have showers that offer etching in the design of their choice. Businesses may want some leaded or stained glass that will showcase beauty and peace, or may need specialty mirrors for their restrooms. Because we do our own manufacturing, we are able to offer you better service.

Featured Products

We understand that you lead a busy life and want to have something beautiful to come home to or something that impresses your clients and customers. Therefore, we ensure that our products are perfect each time. Some featured products:


Because we custom make our products to fit your needs, we are a one-stop manufacturer of fine products. You can tell us exactly what you need and we will work hard to provide it to you with a fair price and as quickly as possible.

What We Offer

We offer fine artisanship and beauty so that your Austin, TX home or business looks as good as possible. Whether you want great showers, mirrors that wow factor with a custom piece, we are able to help you because we listen to your needs, discuss them with you and create a plan that will do what you require within the budget you can afford. Please consider getting a quote from us today to start creating and manufacturing the products you truly want for your space.